Handfashioned Fine Craft

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6150 Hazeldean Road
Stittsville (West Ottawa), Ontario
K2S 2R2




Handfashioned Fine Craft is a boutique that is located in Stittsville (West Ottawa), Ontario.

Handfashioned will feature curated, hand-crafted work from artisans that showcase an unswerving dedication to the practice of their craft. They are at the intermediary or mature stages of their creative development. Their craft would be readily accepted at any juried craft show.

The relationship with the artisans and the community we will be serving is important to us. We want to connect the needs and wants of the people who have a love for handmade crafts to those that make them.

Selling is also an art and craft. We will focus on bring the attention of the community to this boutique and to the craft inside. From bold and creative marketing that will bring people in to the strategic placement of your craft within the store to find the optimal view to the customer’s gaze. Last but certainly not least we will top that off with superior customer service that will bring them back again and again.

Bring your beloved craft to us and we will bend over backward to sell it for you.

The model we have chosen is wholesale and/or consignment model. This will allow us to showcase a larger number of artisans.

As we are an exclusively a Craft boutique we will not carry photography, original paintings/prints, and clothing that would required a change room to try on.

The exception to the wall art would be one’s that are incorporated into the Craft category. For example framed dried flower or sea shell arrangements.

Please get in touch with me at admin@handfashionedfinecraft.ca to see how we can work together. We can’t wait to see what you have made.

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