Susie Osler

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2501 Old Brooke Rd.
Maberly, Ontario
K0H 2B0



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Since 2002 I have inhabited a small pocket of Lanark County in eastern Ontario. The gift of this space and my life within it offers me the ability to revel slowly in the natural world and develop a certain intimacy with it. Worlds open up with time spent engaged in looking and sensing. Somewhat mysteriously, the wonder of it all feeds my creative life.

The places where humans and nature intersect interest me. Margins and verges are fecund spaces where ‘control’ and ‘abandon’, ‘domestic’ and ‘wild’, ‘culture’ and ‘nature’, 'detail' and 'space' can cohabitate. Such tensions can also resonate within an object.

Clay is both deliciously visceral to work with and technically demanding which can make life as a ceramic artist interesting if not uncertain at times. I make objects whose purpose may be to interact with, to contemplate, to observe, or to touch. Pleasure, intimacy, exploration, reverence and delight are responses I hope to provoke.

I moved to a farm after completing a BFA at The Emily Carr Institute for Art and Design (Vancouver, 1999), followed by a few years as a resident artist at Toronto’s Harbourfront Center.

When not working in the studio I can be found gardening, tending to creatures, trying to play mandolin, observing life, making trails with a chainsaw, writing about farmers, and collectively organizing a public art project called FIELDWORK that is situated on my farm. (

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