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Winnipeg, Manitoba


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Bree Bergen is a Saskatchewan-born weaver. She is drawn to the craft as a form of practical poetry. Useful and beautiful by design, weaving combines her interest in artistic process and craftsmanship, the aesthetic and the utilitarian.
Weaving is now, for Bree, a daily practice that connects various forms of creative production. It crosses the boundaries of seemingly separated disciplines in life. It reinforces a belief in the importance of material awareness, research-based learning and the creative leaps that can occur when design problems are tackled by hand. Bree is drawn to texture over colour and returns to uncomplicated weave structures for their legibility, subtlety and honesty.
A devotee of tactility, a disciple of design, and someone who thinks with her hands, Bree studied fine art and carpentry, and is a professional architect. In addition to working the loom, she is also the Manitoba representative for the Guild of Canadian Weavers and an art educator at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.


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