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Tina Sharapova is a textile designer who works with various fibers: wool, cotton, linen, uses recycled fabric in a variety of projects. Her main area of interest is in felting - creating toys, accessories and wearable pieces from raw wool in a process of wet and needle felting. Her other passion is re-using old tablecloths and bed sheets, adding colors and patterns to create jackets, bags and wall hangings. During her career as a fiber artist, Tina had experience as a tapestry and carpet designer, weaver, spinner, print maker, pattern designer and a knitter, but she also had a passion for teaching in order to share her skills and knowledge with her students. She worked with kids in summer camps and after school groups, teaching them to be creative and inventive. For a number of years Tina run classes for adults, presenting her own approach to art education in informal and friendly manner. Currently she explores new ideas in textiles at her home studio along with online teaching.


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