Reuben Unger

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21 Second Ave.
Clavet, Saskatchewan



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Reuben lives in Clavet, Sask. He has always had a passion for wildlife particularly birds studying them since his childhood. He became a self taught taxidermist as a youth and continued to do this as a hobby until 1998. At this time he took a class in wildfowl carving and became very interested in this art form. Working from his home/studio in Clavet, Reuben is a wildfowl carver turning a piece of wood into a realistic bird sculpture. In each of his pieces he strives to produce an artistic yet detailed replica of his subject matter.
He has competed with success in many wildlife art and carving competitions throughout Canada and the World Championship in Ocean City MD. His skill level advanced very quickly from the novice to intermediate to the advanced open competition classes. He is now competing against world class carvers and continues to win numerous awards for his carvings. He is ranked amongst the top wildfowl carvers in Western Canada.
Reuben is an active member of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Art Association, having served on their executive for many years. He is very actively involved in organizing the annual Reflections of Nature Art Show and Competition, which is the largest wildlife art show in western Canada.
He has donated a number of his carvings to charity auctions, in recent years there have been commissions for his work. His carvings are now in collections in many parts of Canada, United States and as far away as Sweden. He continues to advance his skills by taking classes and seminars from other world class carvers. Reuben is a retired safety officer and is now carving full time.


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