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Makham, Ontario


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An introvert who tells stories one creatures at a time.

My name is Miranda Lee. I am a designer who needs to work with my hands. I have been through phases in experimenting different media, and clay seems to resonate with me the most. I would then take what I know from my design background and transform the clay into a story of its own.

/ləˈkänik/: using very few words.

Laconic Story existed the moment I knew what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to make animals and I also wanted to make things with stories behind them.
I am a person who knows a little bit of everything, but not a master in anything. I like to try new things just to make sure I'm not missing out, but always end up leaving them dusting somewhere in my room.
When I finally realized my designer job does not satisfy my inner artist, I left the field that I have been studying for and, knowing other mediums are not right for me, I dove right into ceramics.
Laconic Story makes beasts with their own story behind them. I chose to bring my graphic design ideas and pair it with the works made by my hand: Beasts with Tattoos. The tattoos are comprised of a series of symbols in which I have designed myself and are then tailored to the animals' shape, size, and movement. Each tattoo on the sculptures abstractly represents how the animals live, how they hunt, and how they make their marks and leave their legacy in this ever-changing world.
We all have stories to tell, and I am happy and honoured to be able to share an animal's story with you.


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