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Wawanesa, Manitoba



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Angela Graham is a multidisciplinary artist, who focuses on Ceramics. Her work deals with the themes of women’s issues, motherhood, and the labour involved in handmade objects. She is fascinated by the idea of sumptuous tools, and the hidden work and history involved in traditional women’s labour, namely sewing, cooking, and caring for children. Angela is also interested in bringing focus to the native plant species that thrive in her home province of Manitoba.
Her ceramic work is made with white stoneware that is stained and brightly glazed. The pieces are hand built, and made using plaster press moulds that are initially made from pieces she has carved. Often the work is also hand painted with floral motifs in gold lustre. These functional ceramics are little pieces of art that are meant to be used everyday. They are un-apologetically feminine and a celebration of the joy that beautiful objects can bring into our intimate daily routines, and the love that is inherent in handmade objects.


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