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Through my artistic interpretation of a technical and traditional craft, I strive to transgress some of the preconceived aspects linked to the utilitarian object that is the guitar, to reveal more of its plastic and expressive qualities, while granting great care to its functional dimension.

My backdrop is made of all the functional and acoustic prerequisites of the object. It is on this canvas of measurements and technical data that I make room for my intuition to support my composition by drawing:
- To begin, I use the entire surface of the paper, leaving traces here and there. The whole is intentionally kept free and looks at first like a large cubist sketch, from which I isolate and capture the outline of my work.
I like to use this process of cumulating, ..to then simplify. To me, this gives birth to an object that will reflect the imprint of its creation. -This ties in with the idea that all the actions that led to the work ... have an impact on it, and that... it’s this whole gestural history that is offered to the viewer, in the exhibition space.

Although working with wood can bring its own share of difficulties, I consider myself to be very well supported at it: --Wood is a great help to me …; it is very gifted for communicating its own nature, its favorite way to be approached. - I have great respect for this material, from which each shaving is telling about: lineage, terroir, time, etc.

If wood, sound and music are integral parts of the luthier's path ; My attention at work is nurtured by the desire to create a piece, or musical instrument which, a priori, will give the impression of transcending its own ergonomics.
When successful, the work displays a coherence as much on the sculptural as on the pictorial level; it is shimmering to the eye, and it is able to give its full acoustic measure and sensitivity.
At this time it is complete. It vibrates. It is both transmitter and receiver of what surrounds it ...

Through this complete cycle of creation, I am certainly not bringing the plant back to life, but it brings me joy to try to get as close to it as possible. I'd like to convey a feeling of mindful presence through my work; that the latter can reciprocally expose to the public, the pulsating effect brought about by a sustained pursuit of attentive moments.
I work in this direction.

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