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11007 133 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
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Location Details Warhorse Studio + Smithy, operates out of a private location, in Edmonton, Alberta. Client consultations and order pick-ups, are arranged prior to arrival.



Sharon Graham, the creative mind behind ‘Warhorse Studios,’ is a Goldsmith, Swordmaker, and Designer. Her jewellery and historic craft are inspired by nature, sacred sites, and by her admiration for the Smiths who have gone before her. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Classics, and a passion for cultural histories, Sharon packed her bags and lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, and near Enniscorthy in Ireland, from 1999-2008. During this time, her journey as an Artist really took root, as she trained in blacksmithing, bladesmithing, swordmaking, silversmithing, and leatherwork. Research and work experience in the conservation of arms and armour, and the restoration of regalia, have contributed mightily to her devotion towards emulating ancient artworks.

A prairie girl at heart, Sharon made her return to Edmonton in 2008, to begin a goldsmithing apprenticeship with a local Master. She has been exploring new ways of working with precious metals, special stones, and an array of natural materials, ever since. The intricate processes involved in the forming of her collection of miniature Scottish Longsword letter openers, mirror the assembly required for full-size swords. Her collections of jewellery are constantly evolving, and her ideas for new work are endless. As well as bringing life to her own designs, Sharon enjoys doing custom and repair work, and appreciates the joy that this brings to her clientele. Having participated as a vendor at many local Markets around Edmonton, from 2010-2015, she then instructed silversmithing workshops at the City Arts Centre, from 2015-2018. Sharon’s work can be found at Tix on the Square, and the Alberta Craft Gallery, in Edmonton, or through her website (warhorsestudios.ca) and Etsy Shop (warhorsestudios.etsy.com).

To ‘make history’, by creating artwork that will retain its beauty and cultural value for generations to come, is her ultimate intention.

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Alberta Craft Council Gallery Shop
10186-106 Street
Edmonton, AB
T5J 1H4


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Tix on the Square
9930-102 Avenue NW, Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, AB
T5J 5H7


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