Robin Cassady-Cain

  • 1870


Toronto, Ontario
M6H 2Y8


Location Details Resident Goldsmith at Jewel Envy Studio, Toronto



I have had a lifelong relationship with art and craft in a number of areas, but the convergence of textiles and goldsmithing are where my passions have settled.

My current work is the culmination of three aspects of my interests: goldsmithing, textiles, and my former career as an immunologist. The genesis of my current work was sparked by a proposed collaborative exhibit between The Roslin Institute, a world leading institute for animal research (where I was working at the time) and the Edinburgh College of Art (both in Scotland).

A lot of my work examines the duality of the human immune system, both the positive defense aspect and the darker, more destructive, self-consuming aspect. I express this in a number of different ways, but the most obvious ones are through the use of different finishes and colours. The contrast between the oxidised silver and the bright finishes reflects the concept that although these cells tend to work in concert to defend the body, sometimes they turn against the self and become the destroyers rather than the saviours.

Further, the amorphous and more organic forms that I use are representative of the heterogenous and ever-changing dynamics of the cells of the immune system, as well as the responses that they carry out in infection and disease.

I work mainly with sterling silver and gold, incorporating texture (both in metal and from the addition of textile elements), and colour (mainly from gemstones).

I also offer a fully bespoke traditional Scottish Kiltmaking service.

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Jewel Envy
151 Marion St
Toronto, ON
M6R 1E6


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