Monique Martin

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan




Monique Martin is a multi-disciplinary artist working in many mediums, including public art installation. She currently lives in Saskatoon. Her work often uses historically significant symbols or comments on contemporary social issues. Monique has exhibited in Australia, England, France, USA, Hungary, Italy and Canada. Monique lectures often about her work with topics ranging from women’s issues to world politics. Monique’s work is sometimes community-based, including community members in parts of her processes or exhibitions. Her most recent project was 11,043 interlinked clay hexagons involving 918 people of all ages.
Monique enjoys developing her work when away from her regular routine, her Artist-in-Residence positions have included: Disneyland Paris, France (2013), Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival (2013), Saskatchewan Children's Festival (2012), Bytown Museum, Ottawa (2010), Spalding, United Kingdom (2008), Nice, France (2006), Vallauris, France (2006), Mount Vernon, USA (2004), Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia (2003) and Coaticook, QC, Canada (2001).

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