Marylène Ménard

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884 boulevard Mercure
Drummondville, Quebec


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A full-time glazier and mosaic artist, Marylène Ménard has developed an impressive client list: designers, decorators, organizations and individuals all use her services for their custom stained-glass windows. The artist also creates breathtaking mosaic works made from both utilitarian and ornamental objects. While glass remains her favourite raw material, she incorporates a diverse variety of other odd objects she comes across at antique dealer. Her partner, Robert Biron, began contributing to her creative process a few years ago with his own expertise in metalwork. Today, the couple assembles ambitious three-dimensional works together. Robert builds metal structures based on a range of techniques, including tinsmithing, traditional forging, raising and repousse hammering. Their artistic collaboration has given birth to a series of fascinating mosaic-covered pieces, among them large wading birds, small owls, and majestic deer, antelope and ram heads complete with antlers or horns. An amalgam of ancestral techniques converge in this manner to bring to life thought-provoking works with a modern touch, wich will go thru the time.

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