Carole Doyon

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770 Larkin, Trois-Rivières
Trois-Rivières, Quebec
G8W 2G8




Carole prioritizes concepts first. At modeling, she lets go of all her intuition. The work is formed by clay, is slowly refined until the idea of the beginning materializes. The project can stop there or, . . .
Continue in order to mold the final glass rendering. The glass by its transparency, its drapes, its fragments of colors must reinforce the subject. She works with glass for its specific characteristics.
This is the case with the Snowy Owl. Glass serves to transcend the relationship of cold to bird. The bird emerges from the transparent ice. The glass is clouded by a melt from transparent to opaque white, the snow becomes the body. The fluidity of the wings is represented by a veil and a gradient of white opaque glass up to a transparent glass of ice at the tips of the wings. It is more than a bird, it is the bird of the polar cold.
It integrates more and more clay with glass, a happy mix of interaction and play of soft glass with rigid earth.
During a selection of works for a magazine, she realizes that unconsciously many of her works represent "Beauty in peril". Plants, animals and even humans are fighting for survival.
- Reality always ends up catching up with us, hence the idea of the exhibition project FRAGILE ATTENTION!
Carole also likes to indulge in her "Free Creations and/or Art In Situ". These are improvisations created according to the spirit of the moment or squarely with the natural elements of the place. Recycled objects, glass tests, clay pieces are integrated on wooden structures and integrated into the environment. She had the honor of being a finalist, Métiers d'arts section, at the 24th edition of Art Excellence, organized by Culture Mauricie.

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