Bonnie A. Conly

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340 Parklands Road
Grasswood, Saskatchewan
S7T 1A5




I describe myself as a multi-disciplinary artist and incorporate various materials and methodologies into my visual practice. I received an Honors Degree in Art Studio and Art History with High Honors from the University of Saskatchewan.

My art translates my connections and observations as I move between rural and urban environments. Both natural and constructed elements that define these spaces influence my work. Personally I find that places of solace, quiet and engagement are becoming increasingly rare. They have become increasingly sacred to me and have conceptually inspired a need to celebrate them in my art. I believe there is an affective bond between person and place that creates a history, a conscious and unconscious engagement where location prompts emotion, experience, and memories. I believe this tie to be so strong that history remains even when the place physically changes. It is this element of “trace” that compels my new work, merging realism with personal, symbolic, and metaphoric layers.

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