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There has always been an affinity towards the creative process. I Graduated with a BFA in Fine arts at the University Of Manitoba and continued my ceramic studies there for another 2 years. Several years of Organic farming internships in California, Colorado, Oregon, farm work in BC and a permaculture course after University helped me to make deeper connections with the natural elements and their process/alchemy which share similar dynamics to ceramics/crafting processes.

I lived with yogic monks from India/Asia on a peach farm in a mountain valley in California over a few years and learned yoga/meditation which changed life's pace through better awareness and influenced my creative process. Zen philosophy/poetry has also had an influence through an appreciation for minimalism, a less is more concept. While transforming raw earth/elements into new forms and functions, one realizes that they too are always in the process of refining, centering, and transformation. There is always adjustments and picking up on new subtleties in pottery which allows me to be better connected and intuitive in my work and everyday life.

I teach pottery at the Edge Gallery and sometimes in my studio, as well art programming with Inner city Youth. I try to spend as much time in the studio when possible.

My Ceramic work is mostly utilitarian and I currently have work at the following shops:

WAG Giftshop
Forks Trading Company (Forks market)
Brewts Tea 10-1500 Dakota st

I'm looking forward to other shops hosting my work.

I make bowls, plates/saucers, mugs, tea pots, sushi platters, yarn bowls, and also unique planters in various forms, textures and geometry for those indoor gardeners or those wanting to grow edible greens indoors.

When not making pottery there's sometimes another form of craft/assemblage or art to take its place temporarily such as mixed media art, wood working or sewing. I like the idea of crafting something that carries the groceries to fill the pottery wares at home to complete the process. I try to spend as much time gardening/growing vegetables during the growing season and just being outdoors as much as possible.

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The Wind Horse (Lung-ta /in Tibetan) represents good fortune and is often seen represented on a Buddhist prayer flag to manifest uplifting life force energies and opportunities that makes things go well. The ancient Buddhist prayers, mantras and powerful symbols displayed on them is said to produce a healing vibration that is scattered by the wind across the land filling all space. This energy is represented by 5 different colored flags representing the 5 elements of nature; Blue-space, White-air, Red-fire, Green-water, Yellow-earth. These elements are also utilized in making earth/clay/pottery and infusing all these natural elements into our living spaces in creative ways is healing and nurturing.

Bernard Ferguson


"Live sinply so that others may simply live" :)

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Stores that sell my work

WAG Gift Shop (Winnipeg Art Gallery)

Winnipeg, MB


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Forks Trading Company
Forks Market
Winnipeg, MB

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Brews Tea Local Store
1500 Dakota St - #10
Winnipeg, MB
R2N 3Y7


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Arlington Studios
618 Artlington - (for studio sales) * Please call ahead
Winnipeg, MB

204 942 1643

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