Amy Skrocki

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Unit 4
#113, 13651 St. Albert Trail
Edmonton, Alberta

Location Details This is a private home studio operating with a PO box.



Amy Skrocki knew what she wanted to be since she was 5 years old; a designer and fine craft artist, and has spent her life acquiring the skill set to create the items she daydreamed about. Amy spent most of her life learning and developing her own techniques, tools, processes and skills which she then taught to her best friend, and now husband, who works with her full time creating the pieces, Tanner. Amy is located in Edmonton, Alberta and is an interdisciplinary artist creating imaginative works of art from mixed media digital art, photography, metal, leather, fabrics, papers, and paintings. Her work is as much driven by her love of fantasy, mythology and history and the natural beauty found in Canada as it is by the unique stories and concepts, written by Amy and her husband (Tanner), to accompany each new piece. As the depth of her concepts grew Amy begin to hone her photography skillset in order to visually capture her creations coming to life and, thereby, complete the creative circle she en­visioned: written story or poem, development and creation of physical pieces, bringing everything to life visually through creative photography and digital art.
Her two main focuses of craft
are metal and leather. Working with sheet metal and wire Amy uses traditional and modern metal – smithing and blacksmithing techniques to form each piece. Her leatherwork is also created using a mixture of modern and traditional techniques. The leather is ethically sourced as a by-product of the farming industry and is tanned using environ¬mentally safe vegetable and tree bark tannins.

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