March 11, 2021 - April 22, 2021

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What does “interface” mean to you?

Thirty tapestry artists – 15 from Canada and 15 from England – have woven small-format tapestries that reflect their personal interpretation of the word “interface”. The small scale of the works - no larger than 25 cm. square – challenged the artists to concisely express their artistic concepts.
For each artist, interface is ultimately about connections and relationships: within families and cultural heritage; between human presence and the natural environment; within society and contemporary politics; or the abstract interface between the artist and tapestry loom.

With tapestry, the warp threads held taut on the loom interweave with the colorful weft fibers passing over and under and under and over. Warp and weft are the interface that simultaneously creates both the cloth itself and the image of the tapestry.

The realization of this exhibition, featuring the tapestries of artists from two countries & with different levels of weaving experience, has been the interface for communicating with creative expression.

TAPESTRY TOURING INTERNATIONAL is a not-for-profit group whose core aims are to provide opportunities for tapestry artists from different countries to work together on a theme, creating small-format hand woven tapestries and to exhibit together in online and international gallery-based touring exhibitions.

INTERFACE is the second in a series of touring exhibitions featuring tapestry artists from different countries. ELEMENTS: earth, wind, air, fire toured England, Australia, and the United States during 2016-2019. Future online and touring exhibitions will involve tapestry artists from other countries, with exhibits based on a new theme.

TAPESTRY TOURING INTERNATIONAL projects are created and directed by Jane Freear-Wyld, Coventry, England.

INTERFACE is sponsored in part by yarnworthy – hand-dyed yarns from Shropshire, UK.

Presented by the StFX Art Gallery, in partnership with MSVU Art Gallery, and The Department of Canadian Heritage: the Government of Canada.


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March 11, 2021 - April 22, 2021


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