Monica Leitao Mota

  • 1792


LONDON, Ontario




Textiles can simply be translated by a thread, a surface or a texture (or a set of everything put together). For me, textile means texture and lineation.

I'm interested in exploring the use of thread to draw lines and create texture and detail. The graphic and marked lines I create with thread while using the lowest speed of the sewing machine is something that is a constant in my work.

Photography and image manipulation are usually where I start my creative process, and screen-printing with photo emulsion are my chosen and favourite techniques.

I use recycled fabrics, paper, organza and screen-printed mesh to create layers of textured surfaces, and I then draw on those layers with thread using free-motion machine stitching to create even more texture, connecting all the printed surface layers with those graphic lines.

This graphic, textural and linear part of my way of expressing, this seeking of light and shadow contrasts and variations, I believe it has plenty to do with my background studying Sculpture in Porto, Portugal.

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