Michelle Gauthier

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Toronto, Ontario




Michelle Gauthier is a 24 year old artist and graduate from the Ontario Collage of Art and Design (OCADU) with a bachelor of fine arts in Criticism & Curatorial Practices. She is currently attending Centennial College for a graduate certificate in Culture & Heritage Site Management. It is her goal to work as a gallery curator, but she swears to never give up her artistic practice. Gauthier started out as a painter at 13 years old, but has since moved on to work mainly in embroidery. It is because of this change in mediums that she feels very passionately about challenging the notion that works of the ‘fine art’ are more valuable than those of ‘craft’. Inspired by popular culture, personal experience, and the work of other artists, she creates a strong juxtaposition of form and content by carefully choosing what to embroider and how it is embroidered. In doing so, she hopes to help facilitate conversations around societal norms on controversial subjects, as well as to inspire others to see ‘ordinary’ things differently.

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