Michelle Atkinson

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Calgary, Alberta
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Michelle Atkinson was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, receiving a diploma in New Media Production and Design in 2003. Since graduation she has become an internationally recognized graphic designer with over 30 awards throughout her 15+ year career. In 2010 she took a weekend glass class and has developed a parallel glass practice in addition to her visual communications pursuits. Her body of work ranges from functional home decor to more abstract sculptural work, all themed by nature and landscape. Since 2010, Michelle has grown her art practice and exhibited her work in over 40 markets and group shows within Canada. Her most recent achievement being awarded the Home Décor winner in the newly established Made in Alberta Awards in 2019.

Artist Statement
I begin conversations about my art by stating that I’m an abstract landscape artist who’s chosen medium is glass. Right away, this pushes the viewer to question how they define landscape and leaves them open to more non-traditional exhibitions of the subject. Being majority self-taught I spend a lot of time researching the method behind the creation as well as applying multi-layered concepts to the final result. I develop my own mold and casting processes that grow with each body of work I create. The finished pieces are themed by nature and not only visually engaging but also very haptic, breaking down the perceived fragility usually associated with glass. Stimulating these senses tend to trigger memories related to nature creating a shared connection and community with all viewers of the work.

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