Marie Gisele Chiasson

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218 River Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 3R1




Marie Gisèle is a mixed media artist and the creative director at Marie Gisèle Creations studio. She is a nature and sea loving artist, who sees creativity as per primary focus in life. She designs and curates art collages made of objects found in fields, forests and along lake and ocean shores. Her collages are made with driftwood, rusted metal, seashells, pressed seaweed, bones, sand, stones, and sea glass.

Marie Gisèle also uses old books, photographs, feathers, egg shells, straw, cord, dried flowers, twigs, leaves, old coins, vintage keys, gold leaf, paint, bead, vintage jewellery, mica, Japanese papers, fabric, and other exotic substrates.

Each piece of art is signed and is an original. The Marie Gisèle logo is embossed on the back of each substrate to ensure authenticity.

Marie Gisèle is a French Canadian who has lived and worked in Montreal and Paris and now lives in Toronto. In addition to mixed media art, Marie Gisèle designs light fixtures, metal art trays, modern and period icons on wood boxes, mosaic tables, and her unique MaXbag.

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