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Meet Maria Curcic, the designer behind the label. Designing hats and headpieces since 1985

Paris born, with a strong European appreciation for fashion and style, Maria began creating hats for high end boutiques in Canada and the U.S. in the early 1990’s. The popularity of her designs led to the opening of her own store, Le Chapeau Rouge, in Calgary in 1990. She shifted her attention to wholesale in the late 1990’s, providing hats to over 15 stores across Canada and the U.S. Maria is a graduate of Interior Design from Mount Royal University as well as a graduate of The Alberta College of Art and Design. She recently (2015) took a class with Melbourne milliner Louise Macdonald.

Some of her hats can be seen on CBC's Frankie Drake Mysteries.

Today, Maria focuses her attention on custom creations, from everyday wear to hats for any occasion. Her creative talents (She is also a recognized artist www.curcicfineart.com and a Dj at www.radioradio.ca  ensure that each design is unique and memorable.

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Stores that sell my work

Antiquaire Boutique

Calgary, AB

Catching Stars Gallery

Bowen Island, BC


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Heat and SOle shoes
1023 Fort St
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250 920 7653

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