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~ Designer & Craftsman of Fine Furniture ~

Building hand-crafted furniture in the 21st century requires an ideal vision and a resolve to make things in the finest way possible.
I enjoy the relationship wood furniture has with my life. How it sounds when used, the way light plays with its lines and gentle curves, its ability to bring comfort and belonging. I pursue the idea that the objects we use daily should benefit us towards our needs and hold a quiet beauty within our home. 
   Building furniture that I would like to have myself is a natural way to design. Designing in this way nurtures an intimacy and a personal investment into the quality and integrity of the furniture I make. Qualities that I, too, want in my home. Being a designer/maker and handling the material each day brings forth furniture with a sensual nature that invites one to touch and feel the things they live with. Woodworking in this way is a constant search for ways in which the integrity of time honouring methods of craftsmanship must endure alongside the natural beauty of the wood.
-Kenton Jeske

*Above are examples of the work I have completed with a full outline on my website.
*All inquires may be directed to me personally via telephone, email, or website.

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Alberta Craft Council
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780-488-6611 / 1-800-DO CRAFT

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