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The Mosaïque fleurie takes a fresh look at the art of preserving flowers, taking Oshibana's technique further. The creative work begins as soon as the flowers are pressed. More than two hundred varieties of flowers are grown for this purpose and about 10,000 flowers are picked, pressed and processed each year.
The pieces of wood used to support the flowers are made by the Mosaïque fleurie (Flower Mosaic) and offer a variety of utilitarian objects. The wood species are chosen for their aesthetic characteristics in order to ensure a subtle marriage with the varieties of flowers highlighted. In the end, the durability of the pieces is ensured by a combination of finish coatings soft enough to respect the fragility of the flowers, but strong enough to crystallize the freshness of summer.
Since 2010, I have been a member of the Quebec Council of Crafts and Culture Montérégie. I have also been a member of the International Pressed Flower Art Society, based in Japan, since 2017 and of the American World wide pressed flower guild since 2019.
The Mosaïque fleurie was born out of a passion for flowers and the desire to make it contagious. While waiting for the fever to win you over, I welcome you to my world.

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