Anna Jackson

  • 1981


Vancouver, British Columbia


Location Details Temporarily in Bellevue, WA, but definitely remaining Canadian in spirit ;)



Experiencing as much of the world as possible is both my habit and passion. In my mind, dolls and puppets, as an art form, provide a very different way of experiencing the world; they also help us explain and come to terms with it. They are both visual and tactile; they have helped us to tell stories and followed us for millennia wherever we went, keeping our culture, identities, and history. Even if they are not human in form, they are always human in spirit. I make soft dolls for adults because as wise, stable, responsible adults with adult jobs and authority we still need to find that inner voice from our childhood that is kind, loving, and forgiving of our flaws and weaknesses. We have to be reminded of our soft, cuddly bunnies and teddies because as adults we still need their imaginary personalities that enable us to love ourselves and make us feel fully understood because, after all, they are imagined by us and for us.

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I am also with Alberta Craft Council ;)

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