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Vancouver, British Columbia

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Throughout my entire career as a civil engineer, I was always drawn to the beauty and uniqueness of art in all its forms. Upon retirement, I decided to pursue my passion and ventured into the world of art.

It all started when I rented a suite in Jerry's house. As a retired individual himself, Jerry and I hit it off and quickly became friends. He graciously allowed me to use his well-equipped workshop and the scrap wood he collected from home teardowns in the local area.

I saw potential in the scrap wood and realized that I could turn it into something beautiful and unique. With my engineering background and newfound creative energy, I began to transform old, discarded pieces of wood into fresh, vibrant artistic creations.

Using various sizes of scrap wood, I created unique table lamps, spiritual wood carvings, wood-burning picture panels, and lovely handmade wood frames. My venture is still in its early stages, and I am excited about what the future holds for me and my art.

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