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Calgary, Alberta
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My creative process has spanned many decades. Over the past many years as a fibre artist in western Canada, I have developed an intuitive, innovative approach to my work. A consistent feature of my work involves investigating ideas and concepts using alternative methods and materials within the realm of traditional craft. I began as a traditional weaver, this evolved into creating installation pieces, integrating shredded paper, ribbon, plastics, metal, wood, and found objects.

My work has always been grounded in the ritual and repetition of traditional women’s handwork and seeking to elevate it to the realm of fine craft.

In 1990 I hooked my first rug, it was a traditional WELCOME mat pattern, which I hooked using blue and pink condoms, (Permanent Collection of the Saskatchewan Arts Board).

My current practice has come full circle to revisit the practice and tradition of rug hooking.

Presently, I am using natural materials such as wool, silk and cotton on primitive linen backing to hook original images/stories with a contemporary twist.

My husband Richard Gorenko and I work collaboratively, exploring the notions of home, connection and belonging. Rick puts our ideas on the linen and I hook them.

Over the years have worked part-time as an educator in the public education system, integrating the arts into the curriculum. I have been a holistic health practitioner and qigong instructor for many years. Upon returning to Alberta I am happy to be working in my studio on a full-time basis.


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