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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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My jewelry is made with a cutting edge technology that is a totally different way of working with metal. The moldable metal I use is called Fine Silver Precious Metal Clay. This artisan clay is made from reclaimed silver and consists of 90 parts silver and 10 parts binder.

The soft clay which is really metal in a binder is kneaded, rolled, textured, shaped, dried and sanded. Then it is ready to be fired in the kiln where the tiny particles of metal sinter or fuse together, the binder fires away and the design shrinks 10%. The end result is a beautiful and bright piece of solid silver .999. Fine Silver is pure silver and does not tarnish as quickly as Sterling Silver which is an alloy of .925 silver and.075 copper. Copper causes the silver to tarnish over time.

My love for jewelry and inspiration is my father who worked with silver and semi-precious stones for over 40 years. I spent many hours watching him cut and shape stones into cabochons, design a silver setting around the beauty of the stone and took part trade shows with him. My business name MauReu (Mah-Roo) honours his memory and influence in my life and in my designs. May the tradition of working with my hands and creating beautiful art bless others in their journey of life.


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