Amanda Wood

  • 1832


Vancouver, British Columbia
V5V 4P2



À propos

I am truly motivated by process and I love to scaffold hands-on material explorations with conceptual ideas. Random integers, Marxist theory, colour theory and double weave all at the same time.

In my studio practice, material limitations often bump up against the structures and processes I have chosen to work with, creating a tension that sparks a point of interest and pushes me towards my next inquiry. Often I think I could do this the rest of my life and remain a beginner. Mastery is something I admire in others and hope I will achieve one day.

I always begin with formal and informal research into my environment, personal memories and contemporary culture. Visual explorations of unseen structures such as mapping, repetition, hidden geometries, or patterns are explored through photography, collage and mark making before being executed in dyed, woven or stitched structures.


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