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15 novembre 2021 - 15 novembre 2021

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The Art of Storytelling Through Podcasting
Workshop Instructor: Amanda Lytle

Born and raised in Minden, Ontario, Amanda has always had her mind set on the world. Amanda is an intensely dynamic woman with an infectious passion for humanity. She’s vibrant and compassionate. Amanda is a teacher of many things. Whether she is teaching yoga, high school, or podcasting workshops, she teaches with grace and an open heart. The newest addition to Amanda's passion filled life is her podcast, The Safe Haven. She has opened her arms and welcomed guests from all walks of life. Her podcast uplifts in every sense. It uplifts the raw, vulnerable messages of her guests. It uplifts listeners from all over the globe. It uplifts herself by paving purpose in her life. She is making changes for the better in each episode, and the journey has just begun.

Workshop Description: There is a podcast for anything and everything, literally any topic under the sun - however - there is nothing more interesting than following a story, whether it's in short format like an interview or in a series style podcast. Storytelling changes the world. It helps people feel less alone. But where do you start?! Join Amanda in her podcasting workshop and learn how you can share your story. Dive into your "why" and learn the basics as to how to share your story - or someone else's! - in a podcast format of your choosing. Walk away feeling confident in the beginning steps of creating a podcast and sharing your story in a way you'll feel proud and excited about - because it matters.

The Digital Comfort Cafe is a collaborative group of creatives helping one another improve their individual online digital presence.

Through workshops, a private Facebook group, and peer to peer support, creatives will practise and become comfortable with new digital skills.

Join us to launch your creative business on a forward and positive trajectory.

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15 novembre 2021 - 15 novembre 2021


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Sandra Clarke

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Sandra Clarke

30 septembre 2021