In the Studio with Lisa Meecham

23 juin 2021 - 23 juin 2021

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How can the rug hooking community foster more diversity? Be open to risk, genuinely care to create safe spaces, and then just do it! In this show and share presentation, traditional rug hooking artist, Lisa Meecham, will relay a short story of her original artwork, Joe Izzard Plays the Fiddle circa 1900- a pictorial biopic about Black history in the Canadian Maritimes and her family's place within it. The presentation will serve as a lead in to the role of rug hooking in preserving family stories and microhistories- to be explored in greater depth in her October 25-26 Workshop Week 3 online workshop entitled Herstory Design & Mat Making (also offered through In the Studio).

About Lisa Meecham:

Lisa Meecham is an accomplished artist in multiple media including furniture and fibre arts. Re-purposing and upcycling are regularly deployed in her work to create functional pieces of art. An award-winning Traditional Rug Hooker, Lisa’s mats have been displayed at local MP and MPP’s offices, Ontario galleries,Nova Scotia guilds, and have toured the province of Newfoundland as part of a Canada 150 traveling

Rooted in Maritime Canadian history, traditional rug hooking was a (predominantly) white woman’s craft. Scraps of material were fashioned into practical floor coverings, using familiar local motifs as artistic inspiration, and hooked onto free burlap that was old grain and feed bags. Each and every scrap of fibre that was no longer usable as clothing was put into rugs. Contemporary rug hooking has moved very
quickly within a single generation from a chore of poverty to high art – almost missing the chance to become appreciated as art.

I am drawn to the utilitarian craft of rug hooking, with every loop pulled contributing to the story-telling narrative of the Canadian experience. I am alternatingly playful and challenging with my artistic statements. Lately, I am struck by the colonial parallels of the Canadian indigenous experience and that of my own neglected, abused, and often displaced ancestors in the black settlements of Nova Scotia. As a sixth generation Canadian and descendent of Africville, it is my intention that this art spark conversation around truth and reconciliation being a pervasive Canadian problem, while highlighting the indefatigable spirit of the people it touches.

Learn more about Lisa and see her work on Facebook and instagram @woollygoodrughooking.


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