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26 août 2021 - 7 octobre 2021

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1386 Cartwright Street
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Eye c u reflects research into how images of faces in art can be a catalyst for understanding history. This series of works explores how we understand sameness and difference across time and space. In 1668, Charles Le Brun created a treatise on expression, which considered how emotions effected the muscular structure of the face. The Eyes Have It explores how Le Brun’s concepts are reflected in visual culture today. This includes the global fascination with the selfie, with our desire to document our fast-paced life by putting ourselves in the frame so to speak.

Trish Graham (New Westminster, BC) has had many careers; award-winning printer and graphic designer, development worker, and jewellery designer. She lived in West Africa for twenty years working and researching traditional handicrafts. Time overseas gave her the opportunity to travel, study traditional techniques and learn other cultures.

Graham views education as a lifelong process and was one of the last graduating students of the Textile Arts program at Capilano University, receiving the Janet Collins Award twice. It was here that her creative interests began to fully develop into a full-blown art practise. She has exhibited her work in British Columbia, Mexico, Europe and Africa


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26 août 2021 - 7 octobre 2021

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