Curating Your Instagram Feed: How to Get the Most From Instagram Presented by The Digital Comfort Cafe Workshop Series Arts Council of Haliburton Highlands

1 novembre 2021 - 1 novembre 2021

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What do you post, when do you post it, and how do you know if it's actually working? This workshop will focus on treating your Instagram feed like a curated project. Is it attractive? Cohesive? Does it represent you as an artist? Does it get people to stop scrolling and engage? We will focus on creating an excellent Instagram feed with a reasonable amount of effort (wouldn't we all rather be making art? Wait! Is my Instagram feed art?) Some specific topics we will cover:

What are the benefits of an Instagram business account?

Should I link my Instagram and Facebook accounts?

When, and how often should I post?

What do Insights tell me, and how can I use that information?

Participants should have some experience with Instagram, have an Instagram business account (it's easy!!), and a phone or device with a working camera.

The Digital Comfort Cafe is a collaborative group of creatives helping one another improve their individual online digital presence.

Through workshops, a private Facebook group, and peer to peer support, creatives will practise and become comfortable with new digital skills.

Join us to launch your creative business on a forward and positive trajectory.


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Sandra Clarke

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1 novembre 2021 - 1 novembre 2021


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Sandra Clarke

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Sandra Clarke

30 septembre 2021