An Equine Muse: Flying Solo

6 juillet 2021 - 31 juillet 2021

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1-1666 Johnston St.
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The story of Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology, is closely woven with that of the Muses, inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts. In many ways, the legend of Pegasus mirrors the journey of the artist: from the birth and freedom of creation, to the taming of ideas which give way to the pitfalls of arrogance. In the end, it is perhaps fate that decides whether the mark of the artist remains, perhaps even written in the stars.

In this series of mixed-media sculptures, Susie invokes the rich iconography of this popular symbol and explores the challenges and elation found in unleashing your creative potential, and the strength of character required to balance the ego and rein-in vanity. Pegasus stands in the nexus between inspiration, the formative idea, and the artist’s own internal struggle to bring their creative ideas to fruition.

Join Susie Benes at Circle Craft Gallery on Granville Island to visit her sculptural winged horses in "An Equine Muse: Flying Solo" exhibition!

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6 juillet 2021 - 31 juillet 2021


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