Wonderments and Materiality

September 5, 2019 - October 10, 2019

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1386 Cartwright St
Vancouver, British Columbia




“The sense of being lost in the moment, or to feel something new, like the vastness of the night sky, something larger than us…”

‘Wonderments and Materiality’ is a series of work where each piece is a ‘collection’ of sculptural forms placed together in shapes that are reminiscent of looking through a lens: like a section taken from something much larger and plays with the concept of Wonder.

Jenny Judge brings an exploration of glass and plaster, that investigates the individual’s relationship to place, and to the gallery space itself. Using multiple materials and ways of representing space, it explores the materiality and relationship between mediums, as well as the processes of the handmade integrated with digital technologies.

She combines contemporary ways of working using 3D software, a 3D printer and a Vacuum Former and combine these methods with a crafted and often slower approach to material combinations. She navigates the geographies between technology and the hand crafted, allowing for new juxtapositions in materials. Judge enjoys the combination between the fast-making of technology with the slow-making of the hand- at some points technology helps her overcome what the hand cannot do, and her hand slows down what technology cannot offer.


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September 5, 2019 - October 10, 2019


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