Salon des Refusés 2020 at Circle Craft

March 19, 2020 - March 31, 2020

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March 19-31 : Circle Craft’s Own “Salon des Refusés 2020” - guest curated by Debra Sloan.

The original Parisian Salon des Refusés, in 1863, attracted more than 1000 visitors a day and consequently, interest in the more conventional Salon, nearby declined.

Circle Craft’s very own 2020 Salon des Refusés celebrates those ceramic artists who have received, possibly many times, letters of rejection from galleries, survey exhibitions and shops, throughout their careers. The jury system is often deemed the most democratic method to attain aesthetic and content control over an exhibition. However, it is well known that it is an imperfect and subjective system. At worst, a rejection letter feels deeply personal – however, at best, those letters lay waste notions of complacency. Rejection should encourage us to defend, but also consider the ideas that underscore our practice.
To demonstrate the silver lining to be found in rejection, Circle Craft’s own 2020 Salon des Refusés will feature the ceramic artists who have fought back. The artists were encouraged to go out on a limb and make something extraordinary for this exhibition – something that dared to be refused. The 2020 Salon des Refusés demonstrates the endurance of artists who work through the cycle of failure and success, and our viewers are encouraged to visualize some of the challenging experiences of an artistic practice.

This show is intended to coincide with the 2020 Clay Symposium being held in Vancouver.

Our Opening Celebration will be held at Circle Craft Gallery
19th March, 2020 4-7pm.


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Debra Sloan


Mary Fox

Ceramics, Glass, Sculpture

Linda Doherty


Liz de Beer

Ceramics, Sculpture

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March 19, 2020 - March 31, 2020


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